[AUGUST 2018 - MAY 2020]

“What do you get if you cross Space Jam
with Shadow of the Colossus?
You get Hooplord.”


“Passionately created to offer
gamers a fun experience.”


︎ SteamVR
︎ Viveport

Hooplord is an immersive boss-battle & basketball hybrid game with polished spatial interactions and proprioceptive gameplay mechanics.

Tools: C#, Unity, OpenVR/SteamVR, VRTK

︎ Prototyped and implemented an innovative throwing algorithm that powers the easy-to-learn, fun-to-master core gameplay loop, which auto-adjusts for players of all heights and wingspans:


When I first started this project, the industry-standard VR throwing implementation was awkward, uncomfortable, and frustrating for users.

I designed and built out a series of prototypes with the sole goal of discovering a throwing interaction that felt great and was fun to use.

Once I created and thoroughly user-tested a throwing interaction I was proud of, I felt compelled to craft an entire experience showcasing it. This eventually blossomed into Hooplord.

︎ Built a custom-made locomotion system that induces self-haptic feedback during movement-based user gestures

As development progressed, it quickly became apparent that the two standard methods of locomotion at the time, Smooth and Ray-Teleportation, would not fit the fast-paced and visceral feel that was necessary for the game.

I designed and built several prototypes in search of something dynamic and satisfying, specifically tailored for Hooplord.

Playing off of the basketball theme, I eventually devised a perimeter platform-based locomotion solution that emulated the catch-and-shoot and step-back mechanics from basketball, allowing players to dodge enemy projectiles and juke defenders for open shots.